We are the story: new website highlights the personal stories behind Europe's history

Source: European Parliament (EP) i, published on Friday, March 31 2017, 15:12.

What does it mean to be European? It’s not just the great leaders: all people are a part of Europe's history and they have a valuable role to play in preserving this common heritage and identity of ours. Over the course of the last two months, hundreds of people have contributed to a new initiative to highlight the stories that make up our history. You can discover the result on the My House of European History website.

The launch of the website means all functionalities have become available, allowing you to browse through all the contributions that have been uploaded so far, in their original language or in English if a translation was requested by the author. You can search stories in the catalogue by time, topic, author or location, bookmark them for your personal collection share them on our Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

As this is an ongoing project, keep digging through your photos, your videos or even sound files, find digital content you feel is appropriate to share with everyone and upload it to My House of European History, our collaborative platform that aims to become a virtual library of testimonials and stories from people across Europe.

The website was launched in Rome on 31 March to tie in with this month's 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, a landmark agreement which paved the way for the EU. To celebrate the launch, Parliament's Facebook page held a competition to encourage people to share their story. The three winners were invited to the launch of the website in Rome.


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Updated: ( 31-03-2017 - 15:01)