Directorate-General for Budget (BUDG)

This Directorate-General is responsible for keeping the expenses and the income of the annual budget of the EU within the prescribed limits. The DG also helps with the preparation of the annual budget of the EU.

The main tasks are:

  • proposing a budgetary regulatory framework
  • preparing the budgetary proposals and manage their follow-through up until adoption by the budgetary authority
  • managing the expenditure of the EU
  • appropriation and allocation of the budget
  • controlling and managing annual accounts
  • promoting sound financial management within Commission services


Legislative proposals in negotiation

There are 2668 proposals for legislative or other legal instruments of this Directorate-General in negotiations with the Council and the European Parliament.
Date Title
22.02.2024  Half-yearly report on the implementation of borrowing, debt management and related lending operations pursuant to Article 12 of Commission Implementing Decision ...
12.01.2024  Application of Regulation 2020/2092 on a general regime of conditionality for the protection of the Union budget.
Communication com(2024)17
14.12.2023  Financial activities of the European Investment Bank - annual report 2023.
23.10.2023  Financial instruments, budgetary guarantees, financial assistance and contingent liabilities Situation at 31 December 2022.
Report com(2023)683
09.10.2023  Amending letter N° 1 to the budget 2024 Updated estimated needs for agricultural expenditure Other adjustments and technical updates.
nota van wijzigingen bij een voorontwerp van de begroting com(2023)531


Legislation currently being implemented

There are 230 laws or other legal instruments of the Council and the European Parliament, previously proposed by this Directorate-General, which are currently being implemented by the member states.
Date Title
23.08.2023  Mobilisation of the EU Solidarity Fund to provide assistance to Romania and Italy in relation to natural disasters in 2022 and to Türkiye in relation to the earthquakes ...
Decision com(2023)381
05.07.2023  DRAFT The Union's annual budget for the 2024 financial year - General Introduction - General statement of expenditure - General statement of revenue - General statement ...
Decision com(2023)300
09.11.2022  Amendment of Regulation (EU, Euratom) 2018/1046 as regards the establishment of a diversified funding strategy as a general borrowing method.
Regulation com(2022)596
09.11.2022  Amendment of Council Regulation 2020/2093 laying down the multiannual financial framework for the years 2021 to 2027.
Regulation com(2022)595
14.10.2022  Mobilisation of the EU Solidarity Fund to provide assistance to seven member states in light of natural disasters that took place in these countries in the course of ...
Decision com(2022)665


Legislation in force

There are at least 274 laws or other legal instruments in force that have been previously proposed by this Directorate-General.
Date Title
27.07.2020  DRAFT Union's annual budget for the financial year 2021.
03.05.2018  Implementing measures for the system of Own Resources of the EU.
Regulation com(2018)322
17.10.2016  Mobilisation of the Contingency Margin in 2017.
Decision com(2016)678
19.10.2015  Amending budget N° 8 to the budget 2015 own resources European data protection supervisor.
Working paper com(2015)545
14.10.2015  Mobilisation of the Flexibility Instrument for immediate budgetary measures under the European Agenda on Migration.
Decision com(2015)514