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Woensdag 28 oktober 2020

"Join Boost Sustain" Declaration - online meeting with signatories, Online

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datum 2 april 2020
plaats Online, Online
locatie online with Zoom Toon locatie

In times when cities are looking to digital solutions to tackle a growing range of interconnected challenges, a number of organisations representing European cities have recently taken the initiative to find a common ‘European way’ for the digital transformation of sustainable cities and communities by ensuring data and technological sovereignty in the European Union. The organisers and the signatories of the political declaration will first meet online on 2 April.

The overall purpose of this online and participative meeting is to give content and meaning to the declaration “Join, Boost, Sustain”: what's in it for each of us?

We will all meet (online) for the first time: representatives of the signatories of the declaration and the organisations who prepared the declaration (Eurocities, Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC), the European Network of Living Labs (ENOLL), the Finnish Presidency), the CEMR and the Committee of the Regions. From the European Commission various Directorates-General will be represented and DG CONNECT will chair the meeting.

Draft agenda:

  • Expectations and next steps: small groups discussions to introduce themselves and talk about why their organisation decided to sign the declaration and what they expect from it.
  • Baseline on the five strands and next steps: the groups drafting the declaration have done some work in mapping the commitments in the declaration against the ongoing activities and existing output documents. Eurocities will present the result of this work, complemented by one person for each of the five strands (financial, technical, legal, capacity building, monitoring & measuring). Will follow a parallel conversation where each small group will select one of the strands and share experiences and known results on these work strands.
  • Conclusion and next meeting: this is a first (online) meeting of all the signatories. After this first meeting we will ask all participants to send us an email to the functional mailbox (include address) which of the five work strands they prefer to work on between plenary sessions. This could also include concrete initiatives (events, studies, projects) they intend to undertake to deliver on the commitments of the declaration. One of the representative organisations will take the initiative to call small meetings on each of the work strands. They are then meant to result in a set of concrete actions for which participants can volunteer.

NB: this online and participative meeting is only upon invitation, for the organisers and local, regional, national signatories

If you are an official representative of government and public administration at local, regional, national and European level in the European Union and want to take part in this initiative:


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