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Woensdag 13 november 2019
datum 12 december 2019
aanwezigen A. (Ahmed) Marcouch i e.a.
organisatie Mr. Hans van Mierlo Stichting (VMS)

Migration shapes cities. Newcomers settle in capital cities such as London and Amsterdam, but also in places like Zoetermeer, Arnhem, Antwerp or Oxford. How can these cities best manage migration? Join us on December 12th in the Dutch Innovation Factory in Zoetermeer for our symposium on midsize cities and migration. Speakers include Ahmed Marcouch and Nadia Arsieni.

At this symposium we zoom in on midsize cities in Europe. They are confronted with similar issues of migration and integration as big cities, but typically lack the means to address them. What defines successful migration policies in such cities? How can midsize cities promote social cohesion in schools and neighborhoods? What can they do to facilitate labour market participation? And which aspects of migration policy should fall under the responsibility of the city and which should be dealt with nationally?

The symposium builds on the recent study New in Europe: A vision on migration and is hosted by the Hans van Mierlo Stichting, the D66 thinktank, in cooperation with the European Liberal Forum. It will be an English-language event.

Speakers include: Achmed Marcouch, mayor of Arnhem (Netherlands); Nadia Arsieni, D66 councilor in Rotterdam (Netherlands), Nicola Delvino, University of Oxford (United Kingdom); Patrick Joce, Almega (Sweden); Ilona van Breugel, Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands); and Andrew Lim, New American Economy (United States); Marthe Hesselmans, Hans van Mierlo Foundation. Moderator will be Karlijn Muiderman (Utrecht University).


Thursday 12 December 2019, 12.30-1800hrs (sessions 13.00-1700hrs)


Dutch Innovation Factory, Zoetermeer

Bleiswijkseweg 37E

2712 PB Zoetermeer

Limited free parking at location

10 min walk from train station Lansingerland-Zoetermeer.

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This symposium will be held by the Mr. Hans van Mierlo Foundation (Netherlands) in collaboration with the European Liberal Forum.

This is a Ralf Dahrendorf Roundtable.

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