Latest developments in the cross-strait relations between China and Taiwan (debate)

Met dank overgenomen van J.C. (Hans) van Baalen i, gepubliceerd op woensdag 30 januari 2019, 10:33.

Johannes Cornelis van Baalen, on behalf of the ALDE Group: Mr President, according to international law, one can argue that the Republic of China (ROC), often referred to as Taiwan, has never been part of the so-called People’s Republic of China (PRC), often referred to as China or mainland China. This would mean that PRC claims that it has sovereignty over Taiwan are invalid. That could be said.

However, both the PRC and the ROC have maintained a status quo. That status quo has made it possible to have cross—strait relations and has secured peace in the region, so I’m for that status quo. The status quo has been broken by China’s leaders. Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, said on 2 January 2019 that the use of military force is an option for the so—called reunification of Taiwan with the motherland. Other pressures include economic and political sanctions and isolation.

ALDE does not accept the use of military force, or the threat of the use of military force, and other blackmail. The Taiwanese people should be able to determine their future. The EU, together with the United States, should protect Taiwan and its democracy. China should know that the use of force, the threat of the use of force and other pressure will have serious consequences for China itself.

Speech Hans van Baalen (ALDE)

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