European media see few options in 'Brexit poker'

Met dank overgenomen van J.C. (Hans) van Baalen i, gepubliceerd op dinsdag 11 december 2018, 8:33.

European media have described the postponement of the Brexit vote in Westminster variously as Theresa May's "circus trick" or "Brexit poker".

Although the UK prime minister may have averted a government crisis, most commentators now think a second referendum is becoming an increasingly likely option.

Dutch daily De Telegraaf: 'Give the British people a chance to turn back Brexit'

The liberal Dutch MEP Hans van Baalen openly calls for a second referendum in the centre-right De Telegraaf daily, specifying that "reversing Brexit should be the focus".

"The future relationship between the EU and the UK is too important to leave to a generation of politicians who have placed their personal and party interests above the national interest," he writes.

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Lees hier het artikel uit De Telegraaf van 11 december 2018

’Geef Britse volk kans Brexit terug te draaien’