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Zondag 7 juni 2020

ALDE Congres, Amsterdam

datum 1 december 2017 18:00 - 3 december 2017
plaats Amsterdam
locatie RAI Amsterdam Europaplein 2-22 1078 GZ Amsterdam Toon locatie
aanwezigen J.C. (Hans) van Baalen i, S.H. (Sophie) in 't Veld i, M. (Mark) Rutte i, M. (Margrethe) Vestager i, V. (Violeta) Bulc i, J. (Jüri) Ratas i e.a.
organisatie Alliantie van Liberalen en Democraten voor Europa (partij) (ALDE) i

The 38th ALDE Party Congress will take place on Friday 1 - Sunday 3 December 2017 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

PLEASE NOTE that this year, Congress takes place from Friday to Sunday instead of Thursday to Saturday.

The Congress will bring together around 1.000 European liberals and Democrats for three days of in-depth policy discussions, crucial votes and elections, and sociable networking occasions.

Congress is primarily intended for delegates and representatives from ALDE Party member parties, Individual Members, guests from affiliated liberal associations, corporate partners and sponsors, top-level liberal politicians, and other specially invited guests.

For further information about the Congress, please visit these Congresses pages to find out more about the programme, practical and logistical details, and important electoral and voting information.

If you have additional questions about the Congress:

Delegates from member parties are encouraged to contact their Party's International Officer.

Alternatively, please contact the Events Team at the ALDE Party Secretariat on or +32 2 237 01 49

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Alliantie van Liberalen en Democraten voor Europa (partij) (ALDE)

De Partij van de Alliantie van Liberalen en Democraten voor Europa (ALDE) is een transnationale, overkoepelende partij van liberalen. De ALDE, voorheen ELDR, bestaat sinds 1976 als samenwerkingsverband en werd in 1993 een zelfstandige Europese partij. Er zijn bijna 60 partijen bij de ALDE aangesloten, waaronder de Nederlandse partijen VVD i en D66 i, de Duitse Freie Demokratische Partei (FDP) en de Deense partijen Venstre en Radikale Venstre.


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