(Marisa) Matias

Marisa Matias is a member of the European Parliament since 14 July 2009 for "Bloco de Esquerda", which is aligned with the Confederal Group of the European United Left - Nordic Green Left. Matias is elected on behalf of Portugal.


Personal data


Place and date of birth
Coimbra, 20 February 1976



National political party
Bloco de Esquerda

European Parliamentary Group
Confederal Group of the European United Left - Nordic Green Left


Main functions and occupations

Main functions and occupations
  • editorial secretary at Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais, from 1998 until 2000
  • teacher of sociology and other subjects at the ITAP and Profitecla schools, from 2000 until 2001
  • research assistant at Coimbra University's Centre for Social Studies, Portugal, from 2000 until 2004
  • Researcher at Coimbra University's Centre for Social Studies, Portugal,, from 2004
  • member European Parliament, from 14 July 2009


Party political functions

  • Member of the Bloco de Esquerda national directorate; member of the directorate of the Pro-Urbe Civic Association (Coimbra)
  • National leader of the 'Citizenship and Responsibility sayYes' movement, within the context of the national referendum on the legalisation of abortion in Portugal
  • Headed the Bloco de Esquerda list in the Coimbra municipal elections, 2005



Academic education
  • graduate in sociology, Coimbra University, Portugal, 1998
  • MA in sociology in the field of social studies related to science and technology, Coimbra University, Portugal, 2003
  • Doctorate in sociology from Coimbra University, Portugal, with the thesis 'Is nature sick of us? Health, environment and new forms of citizenship', 2009



Activities on European affairs
  • Has published scientific articles and chapters of books and other national and international publications on the relationship between the environment and public health, science and knowledge and democracy and citizenship
  • Has participated as a trainer/teacher in port-graduate training programmes and courses (including masters and doctorate programmes)




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