Exportkredietverzerkingen zijn noodzakelijk voor het economisch herstel

Met dank overgenomen van E.N.A.J. (Liesje) Schreinemacher i, gepubliceerd op dinsdag 30 maart 2021.

In its Communication on the Trade Policy Review, the Commission announced that it will explore options for a new EU strategy for export credits. Export credit insurances are needed to support the economic recovery following the covid-19 pandemic, as they stimulate trade by mitigating risks for European exporters. However, many EU exporters are facing unfair competition from other third countries during the covid-19 pandemic. While the EU abides by state aid rules and the ‘Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits' (hereafter: the ‘Arrangement’), other countries are offering more flexible conditions. The ‘Arrangement’ is therefore not providing a sufficient level-playing field in international context.

  • 1) 
    Does the Commission agree that it is necessary to modernize international rules for export credits as soon as possible, in order to allow for more flexible export credit rules?
  • 2) 
    Does the Commission agree that in order to provide for the much needed level-playing field, new measures are needed until the Arrangement has been updated?
  • 3) 
    Will the Commission make sure that foreign subsidies in the form of export credits can be considered distortive if they are not in line with international rules, such as the Arrangement?