Gebrek aan handelsbescherming voor de maritieme sector

Met dank overgenomen van E.N.A.J. (Liesje) Schreinemacher i, gepubliceerd op maandag 29 maart 2021.

EU Trade Defence Instruments, such as anti-subsidy measures, cover most manufacturing industries but are not designed to include shipbuilding. This is due to the fact that ships are technically speaking not “released for free circulation” into the EU as they are generally put into operation at the yard. This makes Europe’s maritime technology sector, as an exception to the rule, particularly vulnerable to unfair competition from outside the EU, and could harm EU’s economic and geopolitical interests as we could become more dependent on third countries, for example China, for this strategic sector.

  • 1) 
    What action will the Commission undertake to ensure the application of Regulation 2016/1035 on protection against injurious pricing of vessels?
  • 2) 
    Will the Commission specifically include the maritime technology sector in its proposal for a Foreign Subsidies instrument, as this sector remains particularly exposed?
  • 3) 
    Is the Commission willing to recognize the maritime technology sector as a strategic sector, and analyse the effectiveness of the FDI screening regulation in this regard?