Statement of the Secretary General on the situation in Moldova and the Venice Commission - Parlementaire monitor

Parlementaire monitor
Woensdag 26 februari 2020
Met dank overgenomen van Raad van Europa (RvE) i, gepubliceerd op zondag 9 juni 2019.

Secretary General Strasbourg 9 June 2019

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I am extremely concerned by the latest developments in Moldova. I call on the democratically elected Parliament, the legitimate Government and all political forces to act with restraint and responsibility. Recent decisions of the Constitutional Court are difficult to understand and seem to be arbitrary in the light of the text of the Constitution and of international rule of law standards. In a democratic state everybody must respect the Constitution, in case of uncertainty a good objective advice is always needed. Therefore I decided today in my capacity of Secretary General to request an urgent opinion of the Venice Commission i on the latest decisions, including on the conditions of dissolution of the Moldovan Parliament.

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