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Maandag 6 april 2020

Voorjaarsvergadering Wereldbank, G20 en IMF, Washington, D.C.

Lincoln Memorial in Washington

The Investment Plan for Europe - Investing in Europe's Future

The world economic outlook, development, poverty eradicationÖ The Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) bring together multilateral development banks (MDBs), central bankers, ministers of finance, private sector executives and representatives of civil society to discuss issues of global concern.

As a key player in international development, the European Investment Bank participates in the 2018 Spring Meetings through a delegation led by President Werner Hoyer.

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EIB Vice-President McDowell reaffirms EIB commitment to preventing sexual harassment, abuse, and exploitation as IFIs issue joint statement

Convened by the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation and the British Secretary of State for International Development, ten International Financial Institutions have reaffirmed their commitment to high standards of ethical behaviour across institutions.

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development joins the Global Emerging Markets Risk Database Consortium

Acting on behalf of the Global Emerging Markets Risk Database Consortium, EIB President Werner Hoyer and Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of the World Bank, Joaquim Levy, signed a membership agreement during the Spring Meetings, making the IBRD the nineteenth member of the Consortium.

Partnership deepens between the EIB and the Inter-American Development Bank with new agreement signed

The Inter-American Development Bank and the EIB have formally expanded their partnership through a new Memorandum of Understanding reflecting the partnersí commitment to advance development in Latin America and the Caribbean through blended finance, co-financing, and knowledge sharing.

Cities deserve more attention to stand more resilient: we must support urban investment, says EIB Vice-President Vazil HudŠk

MDBs launch new platform to coordinate support for economic migration and forced displacement

Public money cannot bridge the trillions needed to achieve the SDGs: we must crowd in private sector finance, says EIB Vice-President Fayolle at IMF/WBG Spring Meetings

The Badia Impact Fund - supporting young tech entrepreneurs and creating opportunity in Jordan

EU Bank pioneers new bond in support of sustainable development

EIB and IMF join forces to build capacity on financial inclusion and stability in Africa

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The EIB at the World Bank/IMF meetings

Wednesday, 18th April

Creating Markets for Climate Business: Mobilizing Private Sector Solutions

  • The International Finance Corporationís flagship event on Creating Markets in Climate Business: Mobilizing Private Sector Solutions convened 2018 Spring Meetings delegates, public sector representatives and private sector companies who are leaders in climate action, and IFC/World Bank staff.
  • With EIB Vice-President, Jonathan Taylor, ICF Chief Executive Officer, Philippe Le Houťrou and Financial Times US Managing Director, Gilian Tett
  • 13:00 to 14:15 Eastern Time

Meeting - Heads of Multilateral Development Banks

  • This event provided an opportunity for MDBs to discuss their contribution to meeting the development challenges of the 21st century.
  • With EIB Vice-President, Ambroise Fayolle and Permanent Representative of the EIB Group in Washington, Romualdo Massa Bernucci
  • 17:00 to 19:30 Eastern Time

Thursday, 19th April

Tackling the Root Cause of Migration: Europeís Strategy for Economic Resilience

  • The European Investment Bank and the Bertelsmann Foundation jointly organised an event on the Economic Resilience Initiative, which aimed at mobilising additional financing in support of economies in the Southern Neighbourhood and the Western Balkans.
  • With EIB President, Werner Hoyer, Bertelsmann Foundation President and CEO, Aart De Geus, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Minister of Finance, Pierre Gramegna, Polish Ministry of Finance Department of International Cooperation Deputy Director, Tomasz Skurzewski, EIB Board of Directors Member, Gelsomina Vigliotti, EC DEVCO Director-General, Stefano Manservisi, EIB Head of Operations Director-General, Jean-Christophe Laloux, and Silicon Badia Investment Associate, Dina Shawar.
  • 11:00 to 12:30 Eastern Time

Signature - Letter of Understanding on a joint ďEIB-IMF Capacity Development PlatformĒ

  • The Capacity Development Platform encompasses capacity development activities for selected target groups, regions, and topics of special interest to the EIB in which the IMF has strong technical capacities.
  • With EIB President, Werner Hoyer and IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde
  • 15:00 to 15:30 Eastern Time

Friday, 20th April

A new EIB bond product in support of Global Goals: Building a sustainable financial system

  • The new EIB bond will help provide basic services such as clean water, health and education to people around the world.
  • With EIB President, Werner Hoyer and EC Vice-President, Valdis Dombrovskis and UNDP Administrator, Achim Steiner
  • 08:30 to 11:00 Eastern Time

President Hoyer, keynote speaker at the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS) at Johns Hopkins University

  • The AICGS Geoeconomics Program focuses on identifying strategies for U.S., German, and European Union engagement in the global economy to promote their prosperity and broader national interests. This year, AICGS places a strong emphasis on proposals for strengthening the EU and the Eurozone. The event was a roundtable discussion on the role of EIB in the European Investment Plan.
  • With EIB President, Werner Hoyer
  • 12:00 to 13:30 Eastern Time

Smart Cities, Smart Investment, Bright Future? Europeís Mission to Innovate

  • Cities are more attractive than ever: an increasing number of the worldís citizens are moving to cities. Yet, this development brings up critical questions with regards to funding and investment, the modernisation of key infrastructures, and the use of information technology. Vice-President HudŠk shared knowledge with local and regional decision-makers on how to improve access to funds and help them use existing funds more effectively.
  • With EIB Vice-President, Vazil HudŠk and Atlantic Council Senior Fellow, Barbara Matthews
  • 12:30 to 13:30 Eastern Time

High-level Roundtable on Jobs and Growth

  • The World Bank and the European Commission partnered to convene a high-level stakeholder roundtable on the topic of Crowding in Private Investments for Jobs & Sustainable Development: Maximizing the Job Potential of Innovative Financing Tools to tackle the daunting challenge that countries are facing to create jobs.
  • With EIB Vice-President, Ambroise Fayolle, World Bank Chief Executive Office, Kristalina Georgieva and European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica
  • 14:30 to 15:45 Eastern Time

Launch of the MDB platform on Economic Migration and Forced Displacement

  • Seven Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) launched a new platform to enhance their collaboration on economic migration and forced displacement, advance strategic dialogue and operational coordination and maximise the impact of the MDBsí growing engagement in these two areas.
  • With EIB President, Werner Hoyer, World Bank Group Chief Executive Officer, Kristalina Georgieva, African Development Bank President, Akinwumi Adesina, Asian Development Bank Vice-President for Finance and Risk Management, Ingrid van Wees, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development President, Sir Suma Chakrabarti, Inter-American Development Bank President, Luis Alberto Moreno and Islamic Development Bank President, Bandar Hajjar
  • 16:00 to 17:00 Eastern Time

The Future of Resilience: Banking on Cities

  • This event showcased key issues faced by major global cities in building their resilience, and gave the audience a front-row seat to insights from investors on how cities can attract the resources they need for success.
  • With EIB Vice-President, Vazil HudŠk, 100 Resilient Cities City Solutions Vice-President, Elizabeth Yee, PwC Partner, Jessica Shannon and Kampala Capital City Authority Executive Director, Jennifer Semulaka Musisi
  • 17:00 to 18:30 Eastern Time

Signature - Memorandum of Understanding on EIB-IDB secondments

  • Multilateral development banks work together to deliver infrastructure around the world to improve peopleís lives. The Panama Canal is the fruit of a cooperation between the European Investment Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. The signature on a Memorandum of Understanding on EIB-IDB secondments will strengthen the partnership between these two international financial institutions.
  • With EIB President, Werner Hoyer and Inter-American Development Bank President, Luis Moreno
  • 18:00 to 18:30 Eastern Time

Signature - Agreement on the IBRD joining the Global Emerging Marketsí (GEMs) Risk Database Consortium

  • The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) joined the Global Emerging Markets (GEMs) Risk Database Consortium - a pooling of credit performance data into a comprehensive database - jointly launched by the EIB and the International Finance Corporation in 2009.
  • With EIB President, Werner Hoyer and Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer, Joaquim Levy
  • 19:00 Eastern Time

Saturday, 21st April

Joint MDBsí statement on raising safeguarding standards to prevent sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment

  • This event will provide an opportunity for international financial institutions to share their experiences of safeguarding standards and operations in order to prevent sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment in the context of their ongoing strategies and work to promote gender equality.
  • With EIB Vice-President Andrew Mcdowell
  • 11:30 to 12:30 Eastern Time

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Internationaal Monetair Fonds (IMF)

Het Internationaal Monetair Fonds (IMF) is de VN†i-organisatie die de stabiliteit van het internationale monetaire systeem in de gaten houdt. Om deze stabiliteit te behouden en financiŽle crises te voorkomen, analyseert het IMF nationale, regionale en mondiale economische en financiŽle ontwikkelingen. Ook biedt het IMF hulp bij het beteugelen van economische crises.

Het IMF adviseert haar lidstaten over het te voeren financieel beleid. Daarnaast biedt het IMF tijdelijke financiŽle hulp om tekorten op de betalingsbalans van de lidstaten te corrigeren. Ook zorgt het IMF voor technische assistentie en training aan landen die hulp nodig hebben bij het opbouwen van betrouwbare financiŽle organisaties.



Deze gespecialiseerde organisatie van de Verenigde Naties†i is opgericht in 1944. De Wereldbank richt zich op armoedebestrijding en verbetering van de levensstandaard in voornamelijk ontwikkelingslanden. Dit doet zij door middel van het verlenen van financiŽle en technische assistentie.

De Wereldbank bestaat uit twee ontwikkelingsinstellingen, de International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) en de International Development Association (IDA). De IBRD richt zich op minder rijke landen en kredietwaardige ontwikkelingslanden. De IDA richt zich op de allerarmste landen. Beide instituties zorgen voor leningen, rente-vrije kredieten en beurzen voor ontwikkelingslanden om voornamelijk onderwijs, infrastructuur en communicatiemiddelen te verbeteren.



Dit internationale forum bestaat uit de 19 grootste nationale economieŽn plus de Europese Unie†i. De officiŽle naam van de G20 is de 'Groep van Twintig Ministers van FinanciŽn en Voorzitters van Centrale Banken'. De G20 heeft tot doel bij te dragen aan wereldwijde economische groei en ontwikkeling.

De aanleiding voor de oprichting van de G20 was de financiŽle crisis eind jaren '90 van de vorige eeuw. De groep bestaat sinds 1999; de eerste bijeenkomst vond plaats op 15 en 16 december 1999 in Berlijn.


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