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Thursday, November 14, 2019
Source: Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (REGIO) i, published on Tuesday, June 11 2019.

An ERDF-funded project has financed the renovation of two schools in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, which includes the purchase of new educational facilities, equipment and furniture.

Two schools in the municipal centre of Gabrovo in Bulgaria have been modernised and improved thanks to ERDF funding.

The improvements carried out include new energy-efficiency measures, the renovation of playgrounds, an intelligent system to monitor carbon dioxide in the classrooms, new heating appliances, and CCTV and security systems. Furthermore, the pupils can now benefit from state-of-the-art interactive whiteboards in their classrooms.

As well as the two Gabrovo schools, ERDF funding has previously also helped to improve the local parks, modernise the urban environment, implement better care for the elderly and children at risk in the town, and repair and replace ambulances across the region.

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