EU Official Journal becomes fully digital

Source: Council of the European Union (Council) i, published on Thursday, March 7 2013.


Brussels, 7 March 2013

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EU Official Journal becomes fully digital

The Council adopted today without discussion a Regulation on the electronic publication of the Official Journal of the European Union (/11 REV 5).

As from 1 July 2013, the electronic version of the Official Journal of the EU, published in the official languages of the EU, will be authentic and have legal effect

Previously, even if the Publications Office ensured electronic publication of the legal acts of the European Union, only the paper version was authentic and had legal effect. This will now change with the entry into force of the new Council Regulation

The electronic edition of the Official Journal can be found on the EUR-lex website for an unlimited period and free of charge ( Access to Union law will now be faster and more economical

The proposal was submitted by the Commission on 4 April 2011. The Council confirmed that there was a general agreement on the text of the proposed regulation on 8 March 2012 and decided to transmit it to the European Parliament for its consent. On 30 March 2012, the European Parliament gave its consent. The Regulation will enter into force on 1 July